Friday, September 17, 2010


So Little Miss E slept for 4 hours and 15 minutes for one night. Yep just one night. She is sleeping a solid 3 hours after a feeding at night but not much more then that. Which still leaves for very tired mamas, especially Allison because she does the feedings. We have tired a couple things to get her to sleep more but no avail. So we will continue to conquer sleep mountain.

She is continuing to grow and we think she is in the upper 9lb range (she gets weighed next week at our 2 month appt) Crazy that we are closing in on 2 months and it feels like a year sometimes. I look at her sleeping and think of the person she is going to become. I keep asking myself how do you raise good kind hearted children? Not the most beautiful or smartest or even most talented. I want people to know that she has a kind soul. I look around at children that I knew when they were wee little things and some have come out great and others not so much. What makes the difference? I want my kids to still talk to me through the teenage years, not go to jail, not beat on others (other than for self defense because sure enough they will all know how to handle themselves if Allison as anything to do with it), and strive to be good people. Not lazy, unmotivated, not lost in this world with no goals or aspirations. I want them to volunteer, give to others and just love life for all it has to offer! So now you know where my mind wanders at night when I stare at her. But for now we still have an amazing 1st year to get through and to look forward to. Which will be filled with many firsts and many many many photos!

Let's see..update on Evangeline
- She holds her head up while on tummy time
- Almost conquered rolling over
- Still loves bath time
- Smiles when I make silly noises or laugh in her face
- Is just starting to fit her 0-3 clothing
- Is very close to fitting her size 1 shoes
- Still loves that breast milk
- Is becoming an iChat Pro
- Can hit her bobo (pacifier) and launch it across the bed when she is done with it (it was funny at first now just annoying because we are the ones trying to find it afterwards)
- Still grunts and groans like an old man

Drunk after some good milk (sorry Blogger kept turing the pic sideways)

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