Wednesday, October 20, 2010

All the Old Ladies love her!

So last week we went to Norwich University in Northfield, Vermont for my 10 year college reunion. I went to a military college and it was great to show Allison all its beautiful sites!

This I learned on this trip:
- my lovely military school was not equipped for strollers- to many stairs not enough elevators :(
- You can change a baby during a flight on your lap- thankfully breastfeed poop doesn't really smell.
- Cloth diapering was missed but those disposables sure are easy (we went with organic disposables)
- Old Ladies love babies- we walked into the Lake Champlain Chocolates unknowingly after a Senior Bus Tour and WOW we were flooded with old ladies wanting to see the baby and swooned all over her.
- We walked into the Armory during alumni registration and WOW the old ladies all came up to us to touch the baby and asked us lots of questions which we tried to answer without confusing them.
- My lovely wife will breastfeed that baby anywhere- I think she was feed in every building on campus and  just about every restaurant we ate at.
- Car seat bases are GOD SENT and ours was truly missed on this trip.
- Allison hates to put pants on Evangeline because its another layer to take off for diaper changes though I fight that its trendy and she has to start young ;)
- People really like Ms Evangeline's name. I'm glad I won the baby name game.
- Getting through security required 6 bins and a full search of Allison from head to toe. I guess mothers carrying children place you in the "most be checked" category
- Burlington, VT TSA is no joke- they were serious about their job and rechecked just about everything that we had. I guess they have a lot of time on their hands.
- I CAN change a baby and then proceed to use the bathroom on a plane all by myself. Please don't ask for specifics or how this was accomplished because Evangeline swore not to tell.
 -I CAN push a stroller, 2 pieces of luggage and a backpack all by myself
- The Graco frame stoller is the best thing ever for traveling.
- Sleeping in a king sized bed with Evangeline was so heavenly- we so need to upgrade
- Evangeline is a great traveler- both the men and women around us were so surprised that she didn't make a peep during all 4 of our flights- even the one in which Allison thought we were going to die.
- Never take a 16 passenger plane into Burlington during a storm with a pilot that looks like he's 18. Unless you like to have your life flash in front of your eyes.
- E is a happy happy baby! So many people commented on her little smile.
- I found my niche in our family- I pack, plan and make all trip plans for us and Allison feeds the baby. I really think I drew the short straw on that one.
- There are ALL kinds of GAY people that graduated Norwich. Too funny how long it took most of us to come out.

I posted pics on my Facebook!

Update on Ms Evangeline:
- She just passed the 12 week mark
- She is almost on a set schedule during the day
- She is consistent on sleeping 5-6 hours during the first stretch of the night
- She just grew out of her newborn prefolds
- She is just over 11 lbs from our last weigh in attempt at home
- She is started to suck on her pointer finger whenever she can't find her bobo
- She now enjoys a morning walk with me and we hang out all day waiting for mama A to get home. (long story but for now I am a at home mama)
- She likes to laugh when I bottle feed her which makes me laugh which in turn makes her laugh more. so lets just say, feedings can sometimes take awhile.
- She is good at going from breast milk in a bottle to breastfeeding without any issues (knock on wood)
- She just moved up to size 2 avent bottle nipples
- Allison tried to move her up to size 2 bobo's but they are too big for her little face
- She started using our All in Ones and fitted cloth diapers! Some are still too big but its been nice to have a choice in what she wears.
- Her butt is huge with the AIO diapers which makes finding pants that fit her waist and length really hard.
- She likes it when we sing to her during diaper changes- we make up silly songs with the name Evangeline in them.