Thursday, March 17, 2011

She loves her spoons...

I know, I know It has been way too long. So let's see Evangeline is now 7.5 months old. She weighs approximately (since we have not been to the dr recently) 17 lbs and is 27 inches long. I can not believe how big she is sometimes. Her blue eyes are still there (we hope they stay). In the past few months we were able to fly to florida for xmas and recently for a short vacation. It was great to see her interacting with her little cousins. One morning I asked her to wake up Luna (who is 7) and she leans over and smacks her in the face. It was hilarious- at least for me. Soleil who is almost 2 loves to point at her and say Baby. Evangeline loved the attention. Christmas was great and we had our first ever as a family. Everyone slept in so it was a relaxing time of opening presents and watching all the kids have fun.

At home Evangeline and I have been living the high life! hahaha, I have been a stay at home mom since Oct and we have a blast. We take walks, I push her during my runs, we love to go shopping, visit the library and hang out and play. Evangeline loves Nick Jr. at least for the 5 min here and there that she stares at it and she loves Signing Time (i think its on pbs). I love Olivia! I think that darn pig is so darn cute. E loves to watch Glee- I think its all the singing, she just stares at the screen and smiles almost the entire show. So I think I will watch some musicals and see if she likes them.

We are about to switch out the infant car seats and move on to her convertible car seats. This is a big step- the convenience of the carrier is gone, but enough with the 27 pounds of weight going up the stairs. So this weekend we are placing tethers in Allison's car and cleaning out mine so we can get those big ol seats in.

The old ladies still love her and no matter where we go people just look at her and smile. And now she has fully developed her wave- so she goes down the street or the aisle just waving at everyone and smiling. But when it comes to people holding her she gets a bit shy. So we are working on letting her spend time with our friends so she doesn't cry when someone else picks her up.

We still co-sleep though during the day and the first part of the night she does start out in the crib or in bed without us. And yes, we still find time for you know what... been asked that a couple times ;)

She eats Earths Best #2, one for breakfast and one for dinner. She still gets boobie milk and she loves it. We have not been able to get her to like juice yet. No formula either. We are also trying the sippy cups- and failing but we are trying. Instead of drinking from them she prefers to just bite the tip or the handles. She loves to chew on spoons. So we bought a 12 pack of plastic spoons and I swear its like her crack. No teeth yet but I think soon enough.

Next week will be my last week with her and it is a happy yet sad time for me. I am so excited for my future and at the same time sad that I will be missing so much during the next 6 months. But Allison will be staying home now and I can not take that for granted because so many other moms have to place their kids in childcare. Things will be tight money wise but I know that they will have a blast this summer.

E can sit up and does tummy time but no crawling yet. Just yesterday I placed some toys out of reach to see if she would get some motivation but instead she looked all around her and decided that the cable to the TV was much closer than the toys so she began this lizard movement and reached it. I think that's either genius or pure laziness ( i think the later) She does have great control of her hands and will pick up the smallest thing if you leave it on the floor. We have begun placing her in high chairs- though getting her to not chew on it is a different story, but the cute yet extremely large seat cover we got has been great at stopping that.

We still cloth diaper. We still love it and have learned to make it work with all her outfits. Even now that she has real poops, we just dump and wash. No biggie since its something that I have gotten accustomed to. It also keeps me on top of laundry so its helpful.  We even have some that were made for her pool days. She went into the pool for the first time last month and this summer she will be there almost daily since its right across from our condo.

She loves to babble and loves screaming competitions. Sometimes we just sit at home and see who can say aaahhh the longest without stopping. She is the best!

So more about E:
She wears size 2 shoes now
Size 6-9 month clothing
Loves to eat her socks still
Is up to the next size prefold and on the last clip of her cloth all in ones
Loves to play the Baby Piano app on my IPAD
Facetimes with her cousins at least 3 times a week
Loves to caress our faces when she is lying in bed
Has a knack for needing to poop right when she starts breakfast
She grew a little bit more hair
Loves to be sung to
Has realized that papa and mama will call the the strangest names but that they love her sooooo much
Came to realize that going to the a theme park with the Marrero clan can be an adventure
Loves to squeeze your nose or cheeks
Lets you know when she doesn't like a certain type of food: on that list are bananas, spinach, green beans, strawberries and mangos. But I think she will come to love them in the future.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

All the Old Ladies love her!

So last week we went to Norwich University in Northfield, Vermont for my 10 year college reunion. I went to a military college and it was great to show Allison all its beautiful sites!

This I learned on this trip:
- my lovely military school was not equipped for strollers- to many stairs not enough elevators :(
- You can change a baby during a flight on your lap- thankfully breastfeed poop doesn't really smell.
- Cloth diapering was missed but those disposables sure are easy (we went with organic disposables)
- Old Ladies love babies- we walked into the Lake Champlain Chocolates unknowingly after a Senior Bus Tour and WOW we were flooded with old ladies wanting to see the baby and swooned all over her.
- We walked into the Armory during alumni registration and WOW the old ladies all came up to us to touch the baby and asked us lots of questions which we tried to answer without confusing them.
- My lovely wife will breastfeed that baby anywhere- I think she was feed in every building on campus and  just about every restaurant we ate at.
- Car seat bases are GOD SENT and ours was truly missed on this trip.
- Allison hates to put pants on Evangeline because its another layer to take off for diaper changes though I fight that its trendy and she has to start young ;)
- People really like Ms Evangeline's name. I'm glad I won the baby name game.
- Getting through security required 6 bins and a full search of Allison from head to toe. I guess mothers carrying children place you in the "most be checked" category
- Burlington, VT TSA is no joke- they were serious about their job and rechecked just about everything that we had. I guess they have a lot of time on their hands.
- I CAN change a baby and then proceed to use the bathroom on a plane all by myself. Please don't ask for specifics or how this was accomplished because Evangeline swore not to tell.
 -I CAN push a stroller, 2 pieces of luggage and a backpack all by myself
- The Graco frame stoller is the best thing ever for traveling.
- Sleeping in a king sized bed with Evangeline was so heavenly- we so need to upgrade
- Evangeline is a great traveler- both the men and women around us were so surprised that she didn't make a peep during all 4 of our flights- even the one in which Allison thought we were going to die.
- Never take a 16 passenger plane into Burlington during a storm with a pilot that looks like he's 18. Unless you like to have your life flash in front of your eyes.
- E is a happy happy baby! So many people commented on her little smile.
- I found my niche in our family- I pack, plan and make all trip plans for us and Allison feeds the baby. I really think I drew the short straw on that one.
- There are ALL kinds of GAY people that graduated Norwich. Too funny how long it took most of us to come out.

I posted pics on my Facebook!

Update on Ms Evangeline:
- She just passed the 12 week mark
- She is almost on a set schedule during the day
- She is consistent on sleeping 5-6 hours during the first stretch of the night
- She just grew out of her newborn prefolds
- She is just over 11 lbs from our last weigh in attempt at home
- She is started to suck on her pointer finger whenever she can't find her bobo
- She now enjoys a morning walk with me and we hang out all day waiting for mama A to get home. (long story but for now I am a at home mama)
- She likes to laugh when I bottle feed her which makes me laugh which in turn makes her laugh more. so lets just say, feedings can sometimes take awhile.
- She is good at going from breast milk in a bottle to breastfeeding without any issues (knock on wood)
- She just moved up to size 2 avent bottle nipples
- Allison tried to move her up to size 2 bobo's but they are too big for her little face
- She started using our All in Ones and fitted cloth diapers! Some are still too big but its been nice to have a choice in what she wears.
- Her butt is huge with the AIO diapers which makes finding pants that fit her waist and length really hard.
- She likes it when we sing to her during diaper changes- we make up silly songs with the name Evangeline in them.

Monday, September 27, 2010

One of these mom's is not like the other...

Awwe, those childhood Sesame Street days have spawned a new blog about how Allison and I are so different when it comes to Evangeline....oh let me count the ways:
(for those of you that did not watch Sesame Street...A is for Allison and R is for Ruth)

Diaper changing:
A- takes her time, makes sure that the wipes are warm, talks to E kindly and checks to make sure that all snaps get snapped
R- goes quick, wipes with what is there, repeats E's noises to her in higher pitch funny tones, and snaps the 1st and last snaps

Spit up:
A- cleans it all up with a wipe, wipes her face with a "warm" washcloth, and changes any clothing that has been contaminated
R- cleans it up with napkin, wipes face with same said napkin, and wipes shirt with same said napkin and leaves all clothing as is until there is a lingering order resonating from said area on said clothing

A- puts on clothes that match and socks (to please me)
R- puts on clothes that match and must have socks/shoes when E leaves the house, plus extra clothes in car and handbag

Diaper Bag:
A- carries it along with her purse
R- shoves everything from my purse into diaper bag (would also place E in it but she doesn't quite fit) so that she only has to carry 2 things instead of 3

A- nice and calmly pats until a burp, or hands Eva over to me when she's given up trying or is too tired from all that breast feeding
R- well it depends: If  tired; she tries to burp her and looks at Allison and says "Sorry, I'm tried, can you try" (with sad/tired face of course- usually between the hours of 2-5am). If not tired, she pats forcefully and always manages to burp herself before burping E, but does succeed most often in at least 1 full manly belch.

Tummy time:
A- feels it hurts E so only places her for small periods of time
R- places her on tummy though Mama A said she just ate, and then proceeds to clean up said spit up from floor mat, yet insisting all the while that it is the best for her and that surely enough time must have passed since the feeding so she has no idea why she just spit up ;)

Bath time:
A- warms water to "Ideal", washes all areas, talks lovingly to her and dries her promptly
R- watches all said above and smiles while forgetting to have the towel ready in time, unless its her turn then she follows in mama A's footsteps

Car Seat:
A- places E in car seat, tightens her in and places her in car, watches her adamantly on the rear view mirror
R- places her in car seat, re-tightens her after mama A has tightened her in, places her in car, and goes on enjoying the car ride, until mama A says "hey I can't see her", whereby she gets up and fixes the baby facing mirror to accommodate Mama A.

A- talks to Evangeline in Spanish when she knows the words
R- talks to Evangeline in Spanish all the time, and loves when Allison laughs at me and says " you sound like your mother"

A- wakes up anytime E stirs and even when she doesn't
R- out cold, usually wakes up after a couple of cries, then proceeds to join Velociraptor aka Evangeline in her grunts and shrills (which makes Mama A laugh)

A- places E(who is strapped into infant car seat) in stroller and walks along Ruth or places E in shopping cart but worries she will topple over
R- places E in shopping cart and enjoys shopping (though secretly also worried that the infant seat will slide so she holds it with her hands)

Story Time:
A- usually likes for Mama R to read so she can shower and take a baby break (since she is home all day with Chicken Little aka Evangeline- don't you see the resemblance?)
R- loves to read in silly voices, starting with the Dr. Seuss collection, and loves it when E stares at the pages (they are never to young to start bedtime reading)

Doctors Visits:
A- talks to Dr but likes for Mama R to hold E while she gets her shots
R- is not allowed to talk to the Dr. because she will start discussing a medical journal which will lead to a 1.5 hour doctors visit, nor is she allowed to ask questions on topics she researched which she believes she would like to get the Dr's opinion on for same said reason, but loves to go anyways :)

Buying baby products:
A- let's Mama R run with it
R- researches, buys Organic when it's available and tries her best to not buy cute attire while on her lunch breaks but if she does she explains to Mama A that is was a great deal so she couldn't pass it up, never buys something if it's not on sale or if she doesn't have a coupon.

Saying "I love you":
A- all day long
R- when she's with her but usually in different accents or voices, sometimes just written on a post it note on her car seat

Well enough about those mom's on to Miss Evangeline

-Today was her 2 month checkup
     She weighs 9lbs 14 oz- places her in the 25 percentile
     Is 23 inches tall- places her in the 75 percentile
     Her head is 15" inches- places her in the 25 percentile
     Still has long fingers and still has not produced any more hair

She projectile vomited over Ruth for the 1st time this week

She wore her 1st GI this week- thank you Mrs. Sani

Does what the Dr calls "Social Smiling" which means she smiles when we smile at her

AND the best one yet she slept for 5.5 hours one night. Yeah!

The M-M family at the Black Belt Spectacular 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Things people say...

Soooo.... the same thing keeps happening to me and I feel like it's groundhog day. When we are out and about with our little one people say: 1 of 4 things...

a. Congratulations and look at Allison -She says "Oh, Thank you" and I just smile, say nothing.
b. Awwee, whose the mom?- To which Allison says we are and the person walks away totally confused.
c. Congrats and looks at us both- to which we both say "thank you" and the person walks away totally confused.
d. Is that Allison's baby?(to me while I am holding her) "Yes, it is our baby- I reply. And they reply with, "Oh I thought it was Allison's baby" and I reply "Yes, it is". Then they ask "Who are you?"and I reply.. the mom.. And they walk away totally confused (some of them laughing weirdly and walk away).

It's 2010 people and we live in California. Seriously?? I hope John & Kate and that crazy 19 Kids and Counting mom get comments like this.

Kids questions and answers:

-A cute little girl just about 6-7 years old, comes up and says your baby is so pretty, I say Thank you, so are you. She asks are you the mama and I say Yes I am, she says is Allison the mama too? I say, yes she is the mama also. She smiles, says Great and gives me a hug!
- My niece- Titi's going to be a dad- I am so happy for her and Allison (7 years Old) Ironically enough (we got E's birth certificate and I am officially titled the Father. Can you believe it?? I think people are going to think I got a sex change. Could it not just say partner 1 and partner 2??)
- A little boy- probably 9 or so. Is that your baby? (while pointing at Evangeline) Yes, it is I reply. Is that Allison's baby also? I say, yes it is. He replies: "Oooohhhh...pause... Cool and smiles really big and then gives E a kiss.

Why can't we all have the mentality of a child?

Best story yet: (I swear I should start a book on dumb things people say to gay parents.)
- Our neighbor (who is a older woman) comes by and sees the baby and says in baby talk to Evangeline "I have a little grandson that is just your age", then she adds "if that's what your into when you grow up". I really didn't know what to say but my mouth dropped open. THEN my mind went crazy...Holy Rusted Metal Batman.. "if that's what she's into"...What do you mean? (sounding like my dad when he found out). She won't be gay because we are gay. Is it sad that I do not want her to be gay? It's hard, its not a life that I want my child to endure...the countless accusations, looks, laws, threats, etc... no way would someone choose this lifestyle. But OF COURSE if she is gay then we will have plenty of guidance and experience to pass down. But who says such a thing to a child?? Then Allison says to me "she was just trying to be nice hun" but come on people don't say to other white people with a baby girl, "I have a white son that's her age, if that's what she's into. (well, at least I hope not :/)

Onto Evangeline news (two updates in a week, I know...I have had some free time):
- Let's see...its been harder to find E a good Winter Jacket in 0-3 months, than finding a straight man at Lady gaga concert.
- I still feel like I'm sleeping in Jurassic Park when little Eva lays between us.
- We figured out a way to keep her wipe solution warm to use with our cloth wipes -I think we were freezing her little private parts with the cold spray bottle before :(
- She wakes up smiling which reminds me of Soleil and Luna because they also did.
- She's up to almost 3.5 ounces a feeding, she will be getting more boobie milk in a bottle from now on because Allison finally got the all clear to go back to the studio.
- Farts like a old man, and yes-it makes me laugh every time
- Had a AMAZING time with Auntie M this past week! And loves her new hat!

Allison says that Evangeline and I sleep this way most nights

Friday, September 17, 2010


So Little Miss E slept for 4 hours and 15 minutes for one night. Yep just one night. She is sleeping a solid 3 hours after a feeding at night but not much more then that. Which still leaves for very tired mamas, especially Allison because she does the feedings. We have tired a couple things to get her to sleep more but no avail. So we will continue to conquer sleep mountain.

She is continuing to grow and we think she is in the upper 9lb range (she gets weighed next week at our 2 month appt) Crazy that we are closing in on 2 months and it feels like a year sometimes. I look at her sleeping and think of the person she is going to become. I keep asking myself how do you raise good kind hearted children? Not the most beautiful or smartest or even most talented. I want people to know that she has a kind soul. I look around at children that I knew when they were wee little things and some have come out great and others not so much. What makes the difference? I want my kids to still talk to me through the teenage years, not go to jail, not beat on others (other than for self defense because sure enough they will all know how to handle themselves if Allison as anything to do with it), and strive to be good people. Not lazy, unmotivated, not lost in this world with no goals or aspirations. I want them to volunteer, give to others and just love life for all it has to offer! So now you know where my mind wanders at night when I stare at her. But for now we still have an amazing 1st year to get through and to look forward to. Which will be filled with many firsts and many many many photos!

Let's see..update on Evangeline
- She holds her head up while on tummy time
- Almost conquered rolling over
- Still loves bath time
- Smiles when I make silly noises or laugh in her face
- Is just starting to fit her 0-3 clothing
- Is very close to fitting her size 1 shoes
- Still loves that breast milk
- Is becoming an iChat Pro
- Can hit her bobo (pacifier) and launch it across the bed when she is done with it (it was funny at first now just annoying because we are the ones trying to find it afterwards)
- Still grunts and groans like an old man

Drunk after some good milk (sorry Blogger kept turing the pic sideways)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's the little things

o chicken little (Evangeline) seriously makes more noises then Tickle Me Elmo. Sometimes it sounds like she swallowed a little bird, other times it sounds like she swallowed a lamb, other times its just loud grunts. At first they were really cute, but now she can be so loud that I can not fall asleep. So we have been placing her in the crib for a couple hours a night, which really is pointless since its like 1.5 ft from the bed. But for some reason it does muffle the sounds just a wee bit.
The doctor recommended that we place her in disposable diapers at night to see if we could get her to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. So we reluctantly tried it since poor Allison desperately needs her sleep. It lasted only 2 nights and it only got us 1 more hour of sleep. Miss E got a bad red tush that we were not happy about, so back to the cloth diapers she went. We hope she will start to sleep for longer periods of time at night. She sure is feeding a lot these days. Poor Allison must feel like a nursing machine. So hopefully this means she is continuing to gain weight.

At her month appt she weight 8 lbs 2 ounces and was 21 inches tall! According to the breast feed baby chart she is at 25%. Not to bad as long as she continues to grow at a steady rate. She got her 2nd Hep B shot (which I forgot the immunization record). Our Dr is great- he just talks and talks about gay rights with us. He is great! Every appt (4 so far) we spend almost an hour with him, and most of it is political or gay rights talk. He loves that I have my mph because he says he can talk to me like he can't with "those other parents" when we were discussing vaccinations. I told him my experience with the moms on my cloth diapering blog and the outlandish excuses for why moms do not vaccinate their babies. I told him I am all for All organic food, cloth diapering and all the other earthy crunchy things but vaccination and health care I am all scientific. I joked about the car fax commercial- when someone states something to me, I say "Show me the medical journal"! He got the joke :)

We are starting to use the baba sling and soon will be getting the Ergo carrier to hold her more often. I really want a Kelty backpack but Allison says she will not wear it unless we are hiking. So I said let's go hiking! But it didn't work. We do want to start night walks since the weather is actually beautiful lately. We did buy the Baby Bjorn potty and she did manage to poop and pee in it once. Now we just need to learn to read her cues so we can get her to use it more often. I have a friend that got her 2 month old to poop for 6 days in a row on the potty (yay Serenity) Yes my blog has shout outs! So I am a little more confident that the whole EC thing works!

Shout out to Soleil! (its says you are my sunshine)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Funniest 5 minutes

So last night I noticed that Evangeline needed a diaper change.

So I pull off the wet prefold, tuck it under like a good mama so that if she pees again it will not hit the changing table cover. Just about when I am reaching over to wet a cloth wipe, Allison starts trying to catch the cat under the bed. So noisy me looks over to see what she is doing with the cat and just as I look back I notice that E has squirmed above the folded prefold and is laying on the changing cover alone. I go to pick her up to position her and low and behold she is drenched from the neck down, as is the changing table cover. So I pick her up and tell Allison to just give her a quick wipe down. Allison so smartly says..put her on the bed and we can get the diaper on her there. So I place her on the bed (which we just changed with new bedding) and as I am lifting her legs to get the diaper under her, a stream of pee just shoots out, ALL over my leg, my nightgown and of course our clean duvet. At this point we are both just laughing about it all. Then I say lets just wash her down in the shower. So we are traveling to the shower and of course I THINK she can't possibly have any more pee, but yep she does. So the floor mat and outside shower get hit with pee also. We start the water and wash her off. Still laughing from what just transpired. So I go and get the cute ducky towel that was also fresh out of the dryer and put it on our sweet little girl. I am holding her when all a sudden we hear a SHART (sh*t and fart combined) and my hand feels warm. So I tuck back the towel and low and behold Little Ms E has pooped all over her clean self and the ducky towel. SO back she went into the shower for another quick rinse. I almost peed myself from laughing so much.
Finally we took her out, and QUICKLY placed a diaper on her and nice and clean pajamas. Then of course the laundry cycle of the night began.

Quick Recap:
1-changing table cover
1- adult pajama
1- duvet cover
1- floor mat
1- ducky towel
6 items in less then 5 minutes :)

Lesson learned: Don't look away from the changing table without a FULLY placed diaper in place.

I think she will be keeping us on our toes for years to come.