Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Things people say...

Soooo.... the same thing keeps happening to me and I feel like it's groundhog day. When we are out and about with our little one people say: 1 of 4 things...

a. Congratulations and look at Allison -She says "Oh, Thank you" and I just smile, say nothing.
b. Awwee, whose the mom?- To which Allison says we are and the person walks away totally confused.
c. Congrats and looks at us both- to which we both say "thank you" and the person walks away totally confused.
d. Is that Allison's baby?(to me while I am holding her) "Yes, it is our baby- I reply. And they reply with, "Oh I thought it was Allison's baby" and I reply "Yes, it is". Then they ask "Who are you?"and I reply.. the mom.. And they walk away totally confused (some of them laughing weirdly and walk away).

It's 2010 people and we live in California. Seriously?? I hope John & Kate and that crazy 19 Kids and Counting mom get comments like this.

Kids questions and answers:

-A cute little girl just about 6-7 years old, comes up and says your baby is so pretty, I say Thank you, so are you. She asks are you the mama and I say Yes I am, she says is Allison the mama too? I say, yes she is the mama also. She smiles, says Great and gives me a hug!
- My niece- Titi's going to be a dad- I am so happy for her and Allison (7 years Old) Ironically enough (we got E's birth certificate and I am officially titled the Father. Can you believe it?? I think people are going to think I got a sex change. Could it not just say partner 1 and partner 2??)
- A little boy- probably 9 or so. Is that your baby? (while pointing at Evangeline) Yes, it is I reply. Is that Allison's baby also? I say, yes it is. He replies: "Oooohhhh...pause... Cool and smiles really big and then gives E a kiss.

Why can't we all have the mentality of a child?

Best story yet: (I swear I should start a book on dumb things people say to gay parents.)
- Our neighbor (who is a older woman) comes by and sees the baby and says in baby talk to Evangeline "I have a little grandson that is just your age", then she adds "if that's what your into when you grow up". I really didn't know what to say but my mouth dropped open. THEN my mind went crazy...Holy Rusted Metal Batman.. "if that's what she's into"...What do you mean? (sounding like my dad when he found out). She won't be gay because we are gay. Is it sad that I do not want her to be gay? It's hard, its not a life that I want my child to endure...the countless accusations, looks, laws, threats, etc... no way would someone choose this lifestyle. But OF COURSE if she is gay then we will have plenty of guidance and experience to pass down. But who says such a thing to a child?? Then Allison says to me "she was just trying to be nice hun" but come on people don't say to other white people with a baby girl, "I have a white son that's her age, if that's what she's into. (well, at least I hope not :/)

Onto Evangeline news (two updates in a week, I know...I have had some free time):
- Let's see...its been harder to find E a good Winter Jacket in 0-3 months, than finding a straight man at Lady gaga concert.
- I still feel like I'm sleeping in Jurassic Park when little Eva lays between us.
- We figured out a way to keep her wipe solution warm to use with our cloth wipes -I think we were freezing her little private parts with the cold spray bottle before :(
- She wakes up smiling which reminds me of Soleil and Luna because they also did.
- She's up to almost 3.5 ounces a feeding, she will be getting more boobie milk in a bottle from now on because Allison finally got the all clear to go back to the studio.
- Farts like a old man, and yes-it makes me laugh every time
- Had a AMAZING time with Auntie M this past week! And loves her new hat!

Allison says that Evangeline and I sleep this way most nights

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