Monday, September 27, 2010

One of these mom's is not like the other...

Awwe, those childhood Sesame Street days have spawned a new blog about how Allison and I are so different when it comes to Evangeline....oh let me count the ways:
(for those of you that did not watch Sesame Street...A is for Allison and R is for Ruth)

Diaper changing:
A- takes her time, makes sure that the wipes are warm, talks to E kindly and checks to make sure that all snaps get snapped
R- goes quick, wipes with what is there, repeats E's noises to her in higher pitch funny tones, and snaps the 1st and last snaps

Spit up:
A- cleans it all up with a wipe, wipes her face with a "warm" washcloth, and changes any clothing that has been contaminated
R- cleans it up with napkin, wipes face with same said napkin, and wipes shirt with same said napkin and leaves all clothing as is until there is a lingering order resonating from said area on said clothing

A- puts on clothes that match and socks (to please me)
R- puts on clothes that match and must have socks/shoes when E leaves the house, plus extra clothes in car and handbag

Diaper Bag:
A- carries it along with her purse
R- shoves everything from my purse into diaper bag (would also place E in it but she doesn't quite fit) so that she only has to carry 2 things instead of 3

A- nice and calmly pats until a burp, or hands Eva over to me when she's given up trying or is too tired from all that breast feeding
R- well it depends: If  tired; she tries to burp her and looks at Allison and says "Sorry, I'm tried, can you try" (with sad/tired face of course- usually between the hours of 2-5am). If not tired, she pats forcefully and always manages to burp herself before burping E, but does succeed most often in at least 1 full manly belch.

Tummy time:
A- feels it hurts E so only places her for small periods of time
R- places her on tummy though Mama A said she just ate, and then proceeds to clean up said spit up from floor mat, yet insisting all the while that it is the best for her and that surely enough time must have passed since the feeding so she has no idea why she just spit up ;)

Bath time:
A- warms water to "Ideal", washes all areas, talks lovingly to her and dries her promptly
R- watches all said above and smiles while forgetting to have the towel ready in time, unless its her turn then she follows in mama A's footsteps

Car Seat:
A- places E in car seat, tightens her in and places her in car, watches her adamantly on the rear view mirror
R- places her in car seat, re-tightens her after mama A has tightened her in, places her in car, and goes on enjoying the car ride, until mama A says "hey I can't see her", whereby she gets up and fixes the baby facing mirror to accommodate Mama A.

A- talks to Evangeline in Spanish when she knows the words
R- talks to Evangeline in Spanish all the time, and loves when Allison laughs at me and says " you sound like your mother"

A- wakes up anytime E stirs and even when she doesn't
R- out cold, usually wakes up after a couple of cries, then proceeds to join Velociraptor aka Evangeline in her grunts and shrills (which makes Mama A laugh)

A- places E(who is strapped into infant car seat) in stroller and walks along Ruth or places E in shopping cart but worries she will topple over
R- places E in shopping cart and enjoys shopping (though secretly also worried that the infant seat will slide so she holds it with her hands)

Story Time:
A- usually likes for Mama R to read so she can shower and take a baby break (since she is home all day with Chicken Little aka Evangeline- don't you see the resemblance?)
R- loves to read in silly voices, starting with the Dr. Seuss collection, and loves it when E stares at the pages (they are never to young to start bedtime reading)

Doctors Visits:
A- talks to Dr but likes for Mama R to hold E while she gets her shots
R- is not allowed to talk to the Dr. because she will start discussing a medical journal which will lead to a 1.5 hour doctors visit, nor is she allowed to ask questions on topics she researched which she believes she would like to get the Dr's opinion on for same said reason, but loves to go anyways :)

Buying baby products:
A- let's Mama R run with it
R- researches, buys Organic when it's available and tries her best to not buy cute attire while on her lunch breaks but if she does she explains to Mama A that is was a great deal so she couldn't pass it up, never buys something if it's not on sale or if she doesn't have a coupon.

Saying "I love you":
A- all day long
R- when she's with her but usually in different accents or voices, sometimes just written on a post it note on her car seat

Well enough about those mom's on to Miss Evangeline

-Today was her 2 month checkup
     She weighs 9lbs 14 oz- places her in the 25 percentile
     Is 23 inches tall- places her in the 75 percentile
     Her head is 15" inches- places her in the 25 percentile
     Still has long fingers and still has not produced any more hair

She projectile vomited over Ruth for the 1st time this week

She wore her 1st GI this week- thank you Mrs. Sani

Does what the Dr calls "Social Smiling" which means she smiles when we smile at her

AND the best one yet she slept for 5.5 hours one night. Yeah!

The M-M family at the Black Belt Spectacular 2010


  1. Thank you Ruth for the very entertaining blog! Keep posting, please.... I love reading them! Congrats on the 2 months! <3 K