Saturday, August 28, 2010

Funniest 5 minutes

So last night I noticed that Evangeline needed a diaper change.

So I pull off the wet prefold, tuck it under like a good mama so that if she pees again it will not hit the changing table cover. Just about when I am reaching over to wet a cloth wipe, Allison starts trying to catch the cat under the bed. So noisy me looks over to see what she is doing with the cat and just as I look back I notice that E has squirmed above the folded prefold and is laying on the changing cover alone. I go to pick her up to position her and low and behold she is drenched from the neck down, as is the changing table cover. So I pick her up and tell Allison to just give her a quick wipe down. Allison so smartly says..put her on the bed and we can get the diaper on her there. So I place her on the bed (which we just changed with new bedding) and as I am lifting her legs to get the diaper under her, a stream of pee just shoots out, ALL over my leg, my nightgown and of course our clean duvet. At this point we are both just laughing about it all. Then I say lets just wash her down in the shower. So we are traveling to the shower and of course I THINK she can't possibly have any more pee, but yep she does. So the floor mat and outside shower get hit with pee also. We start the water and wash her off. Still laughing from what just transpired. So I go and get the cute ducky towel that was also fresh out of the dryer and put it on our sweet little girl. I am holding her when all a sudden we hear a SHART (sh*t and fart combined) and my hand feels warm. So I tuck back the towel and low and behold Little Ms E has pooped all over her clean self and the ducky towel. SO back she went into the shower for another quick rinse. I almost peed myself from laughing so much.
Finally we took her out, and QUICKLY placed a diaper on her and nice and clean pajamas. Then of course the laundry cycle of the night began.

Quick Recap:
1-changing table cover
1- adult pajama
1- duvet cover
1- floor mat
1- ducky towel
6 items in less then 5 minutes :)

Lesson learned: Don't look away from the changing table without a FULLY placed diaper in place.

I think she will be keeping us on our toes for years to come.

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  1. That is too funny.
    Thanks for the new word, "shart." I'm telling SailorMan that.