Thursday, March 17, 2011

She loves her spoons...

I know, I know It has been way too long. So let's see Evangeline is now 7.5 months old. She weighs approximately (since we have not been to the dr recently) 17 lbs and is 27 inches long. I can not believe how big she is sometimes. Her blue eyes are still there (we hope they stay). In the past few months we were able to fly to florida for xmas and recently for a short vacation. It was great to see her interacting with her little cousins. One morning I asked her to wake up Luna (who is 7) and she leans over and smacks her in the face. It was hilarious- at least for me. Soleil who is almost 2 loves to point at her and say Baby. Evangeline loved the attention. Christmas was great and we had our first ever as a family. Everyone slept in so it was a relaxing time of opening presents and watching all the kids have fun.

At home Evangeline and I have been living the high life! hahaha, I have been a stay at home mom since Oct and we have a blast. We take walks, I push her during my runs, we love to go shopping, visit the library and hang out and play. Evangeline loves Nick Jr. at least for the 5 min here and there that she stares at it and she loves Signing Time (i think its on pbs). I love Olivia! I think that darn pig is so darn cute. E loves to watch Glee- I think its all the singing, she just stares at the screen and smiles almost the entire show. So I think I will watch some musicals and see if she likes them.

We are about to switch out the infant car seats and move on to her convertible car seats. This is a big step- the convenience of the carrier is gone, but enough with the 27 pounds of weight going up the stairs. So this weekend we are placing tethers in Allison's car and cleaning out mine so we can get those big ol seats in.

The old ladies still love her and no matter where we go people just look at her and smile. And now she has fully developed her wave- so she goes down the street or the aisle just waving at everyone and smiling. But when it comes to people holding her she gets a bit shy. So we are working on letting her spend time with our friends so she doesn't cry when someone else picks her up.

We still co-sleep though during the day and the first part of the night she does start out in the crib or in bed without us. And yes, we still find time for you know what... been asked that a couple times ;)

She eats Earths Best #2, one for breakfast and one for dinner. She still gets boobie milk and she loves it. We have not been able to get her to like juice yet. No formula either. We are also trying the sippy cups- and failing but we are trying. Instead of drinking from them she prefers to just bite the tip or the handles. She loves to chew on spoons. So we bought a 12 pack of plastic spoons and I swear its like her crack. No teeth yet but I think soon enough.

Next week will be my last week with her and it is a happy yet sad time for me. I am so excited for my future and at the same time sad that I will be missing so much during the next 6 months. But Allison will be staying home now and I can not take that for granted because so many other moms have to place their kids in childcare. Things will be tight money wise but I know that they will have a blast this summer.

E can sit up and does tummy time but no crawling yet. Just yesterday I placed some toys out of reach to see if she would get some motivation but instead she looked all around her and decided that the cable to the TV was much closer than the toys so she began this lizard movement and reached it. I think that's either genius or pure laziness ( i think the later) She does have great control of her hands and will pick up the smallest thing if you leave it on the floor. We have begun placing her in high chairs- though getting her to not chew on it is a different story, but the cute yet extremely large seat cover we got has been great at stopping that.

We still cloth diaper. We still love it and have learned to make it work with all her outfits. Even now that she has real poops, we just dump and wash. No biggie since its something that I have gotten accustomed to. It also keeps me on top of laundry so its helpful.  We even have some that were made for her pool days. She went into the pool for the first time last month and this summer she will be there almost daily since its right across from our condo.

She loves to babble and loves screaming competitions. Sometimes we just sit at home and see who can say aaahhh the longest without stopping. She is the best!

So more about E:
She wears size 2 shoes now
Size 6-9 month clothing
Loves to eat her socks still
Is up to the next size prefold and on the last clip of her cloth all in ones
Loves to play the Baby Piano app on my IPAD
Facetimes with her cousins at least 3 times a week
Loves to caress our faces when she is lying in bed
Has a knack for needing to poop right when she starts breakfast
She grew a little bit more hair
Loves to be sung to
Has realized that papa and mama will call the the strangest names but that they love her sooooo much
Came to realize that going to the a theme park with the Marrero clan can be an adventure
Loves to squeeze your nose or cheeks
Lets you know when she doesn't like a certain type of food: on that list are bananas, spinach, green beans, strawberries and mangos. But I think she will come to love them in the future.

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